Frequently Asked Questions

1. My Account

Q: What does my account allow me to do?

In the My Account section of Gold My Way, you can perform any of the following actions:

  • Track Your Package: After your package has been scanned at a FedEx facility, you can track it to see where it is in the shipping process. Just visit your profile and click on “Track My Package” to start.
  • Request Another Appraisal Kit: If you want to get another kit to appraise more items, simply click on that link to begin the process.
  • Review Your Orders: See what you recently ordered for appraisal and other activity.
  • Accept or Decline Appraisals: Based on your recent activity, you can use this section to either Accept or Decline your most recent item appraisal.
  • Update Your Account Information: You can update and change any of your personal information, including shipping and billing preferences, alerts, and more. Please ensure that your preferred payment option has been selected and that your mailing address, bank account & routing numbers, or Paypal information is up to date.
  • Chat With the Experts: Our skilled staff of highly trained jewelry and precious metal experts (some with more than 30 years of experience) are here 7 days a week to serve you.

Q: How do I access my account?

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Q: How do I reset my password?

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2. Returns

Q: Can I get my items back?

YES! Even though most Gold My Way participants accept the offers we make (since we pay at higher rates than other services), you may choose not to accept our offer and request that we return your item(s) to you. Remember, you have 7 days to accept our offer, so if you need to take some time to think about it, that’s fine with us.

Simply email us at [email protected] all us at 844-469-9911 and our skilled staff will be happy to assist you.

Q: What do I pay for returned items?

NOTHING! If you are not satisfied with the offer that Gold My Way has given for your items, please email us at [email protected] or call at 844-469-9911.

Our staff will review your items with you and make sure that we have had the chance to provide you with the best service and most profitable offer in the industry. After this contact has been made and you still choose to reject our offer, just let us know and we will return your items back to you, with no charge for shipping, handling, or insurance.

Q: What kind of guarantee do you offer?

When you deal with Gold My Way, you can feel safe knowing that every aspect of your interactions with us are 100% complete satisfaction guaranteed. From every step in the process, including requesting an appraisal, shipping your items to us, having an appraisal conducted on your items, and getting paid for your items … we handle every step with 100% complete and honest transparency. 

You have NO risk and NO obligation when you send your valuable items to us. If you decline our offer or are not happy with any aspect of the experience, we will return any items with FREE shipping and insurance.

If you are not satisfied with any part of dealing with Gold My Way, simply call us at  844-469-9911 or email us at [email protected]. Our experts are ready 24 hours a day to assist you.

Q: Do you offer a price match guarantee?

YES WE DO! At Gold My Way,  our expert appraisal team is 100% dedicated to providing you with the most competitive and fairest offer for your items, every single time. That means that, even in the rare occurrence that you receive a higher written offer from any other online gold and jewelry exchange service, we will absolutely match (and in many cases, beat) that offer. We want you to be happy with your Gold My Way experience every single time.

For specific terms and conditions about our price match guarantee, please check out our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions about this process, simply email us at [email protected]. Our experts are available 7 days a week to assist with any questions!

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3. Shipping and Insurance

Q: What kind of shipping insurance do you provide?

When you send your items to us, you will get a FREE FedEx shipping label along with your Appraisal Kit (or you can print one at home). Once you provide the items to FedEx, any items you send to us will be insured for FREE (up to $2,500) in the event of any damage or loss.

If you anticipate any of your items (or the collection of items in your shipment) will be worth more than $2,500 please call us at  (844) 469-9911 or email us at [email protected] to connect to one of our VIP Concierge Specialists. In the event of items that are worth more than $2,500, we will provide additional FREE insurance coverage of up to $25,000 and ensure that your items get to us intact, safe, and undamaged. 

For further information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Q: What insurance do you give for high value items?

If you believe that your item(s) are worth more than $2,500, please call us at  (844)-469-9911 or email us at [email protected]. One of our VIP Concierge Specialists will help you out, and offer to provide up to $25,000 of FREE Insurance coverage to make sure that your items get to us safely.

Q: What about bulky items that I may want to ship?

We will be happy to help with any bulky items (such as silver bars, silverware, antique silver, etc.) that you are intending to have appraised or sell to us. Please call us at  (844) 469-9911 or email us at [email protected]. One of our VIP Concierge Specialists will help you out.

Q: How do I pack and ship my item(s)?

Pack your items following these 4 quick steps:

Step 1: Fill out the customer return card:
(it has either been provided to you via email, or sent with your appraisal pack, you can also see a return card her.: This card will ask you to:

  • Describe your items. Please be thorough and provide all required information.
  • Enter you ID: you must be at least 18 years old to sell your items to Gold My Way. Provide your government issued ID information.
  • Sign: Make sure you sign where indicated so you confirm that you are indeed the legal owner of your items. (Gold My Way will NEVER share any of your private information.)

Step 2: Pack Your Items Securely. Gold My Way asks that you:

  • Wrap items in tissue paper or bubble wrap for extra security
  • Place your item in a plastic bag (if you received an appraisal pack one has been provided)
  • Place the plastic bag inside of a padded mailer (also provided in the appraisal kit)
  • Place padded mailer and customer return material inside of an undamaged, sealed box. Use additional packing materials (foam, etc.) to provide additional protection. Try to pack the box so that your valuables are not moving around inside of the box while shipping!
  • NOTE: All packing materials are available at your local Fedex store for free with your label.

For your items security and safety, if your box weighs more than 5 lbs or is larger than 13x10x2 please contact (844) 469-9911 or [email protected] for assistance.

Step 3: Prepare for your shipment with Fedex

  • Prior to your fedex drop-off, make sure to seal your box or envelope. If you do not have one, fedex will provide you one for free of charge.
  • Attach the FREE, pre-paid Fedex Mailing label that we have provided to you on the outside of the box. If you cannot print this label at home, Fedex can print it for you at the station.
  • Make sure that the box contains NO references to gold, jewelry, diamonds, etc on the outside.

Step 4: Ship and Track your Items

  • Once you have dropped off your item at FedEx, make sure to get your tracking number and receipt. Save this information so that you can track your shipment to us, and in case of any questions.
  • You will be able to track your package the entire time it is in transit via the FedEx website HERE (insert hyperlink)
  • You will receive an email immediately, once your package has arrived in our secure warehouse. You have 48 hours to accept or decline your offer. After 72 hours if we are not able to get into contact with you we will automatically send a check to the address on file. *please refer to terms and conditions for further information regarding unclaimed items or reach out to  [email protected]*
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4. Start Selling Now!

Q: How can I get paid quickly?

To get paid for your item(s), it’s easy and fast to start.

  • Create a Gold My Way Account by clicking here.
  • After you have printed your shipping label (or had one generated by FedEx, follow the packing instructions.
  • Depending on the payment method you choose, you can get paid within 24 hours of your shipment being received and appraised by our professional and expert staff.

(Link to FedEx put your zip code for location finder)

Q: What does the Gold My Way appraisal kit contain?

For the fastest appraisal, choose the “Ship Now” option when you sign up. If you do so, you will automatically receive a 10% Payment Bonus.

Once you follow the instructions and send in your item(s), our professional and expert appraisers will assess your item(s) and we will facilitate a payment according to your payment preferences. 

If you prefer not to receive a 10% Bonus, you can choose to have us send you a Gold My Way Appraisal Kit, which contains everything you need to get paid for your precious metals and jewelry. Your Appraisal Kit includes:

  • Welcome Letter: On this letter, you will receive your unique Order Number, FedEx tracking number, username and password. You will also receive a list of local FedEx locations for your package dropoff or pickup.
  • Customer Return Card: Make sure to complete this card completely and accurately, since this will ensure the receipt, valuation, and processing of your payment as accurately and as quickly as possible.
  • Zip Safety Bag: In your Appraisal Kit, this 6” x 10” padded mailer bag, which is pre-labeled with your information, provides a wear-and-tear proof way to ship your item(s) to us in a secure and safe manner. 
  • Bubble Pouch: After you place your item(s) in the Zip Safety Bag, this Bubble Pouch Envelope will make sure your items arrive safely and securely to us.
  • FedEx Shipping Label and Mailing Envelope: We will also provide a prepaid FedEx shipping label, which has been registered with your information, attached to a DuPont Tyvek Mailing Envelope. This specially designed envelope features an adhesive closure seal that makes sure your shipped items are enclosed in this package to ensure resistance to punctures, tears, and moisture. 

    For faster response, you can simply print the FedEx label now from home and affix it to your own packaging. You could get paid within 24 hours.

Q: How much do I pay for an appraisal?

You pay nothing for your Gold My Way Appraisal Kit. in order to get paid quickly, you can simply print the FREE FedEx shipping label at home and send us your item(s) now. If you do, you’ll get a 10% Bonus Payment!

Or you can choose to request a FREE Appraisal Kit and follow the instructions with everything we provide for your certified and price match guaranteed valuation of your item(s).

Even if you decide to decline our offer, we will pay to have your items shipped back to you.

Gold My Way never has any hidden costs or fees for any service we provide.

Q: How soon will you pay me?

Depending on the method you select, you could get paid within 24 hours of us procesingyour item(s). The fastest way to start is to select the Ship Now option.

You can also choose to have a FREE Appraisal Kit sent to you. Once you follow the instructions and send in your item(s), you could get paid within 24 hours of us receiving your item(s) … through Paypal .. within 1-3 business days via Direct Deposit or 5-7 days if you want to get paid with a physical check issued by Gold My Way.

Q: How will you keep my items safe?

Gold My Way uses the fastest and most secure methods to ensure the quick and safe delivery of your item(s) to us. We also provide FREE insurance of up to $2,500 for your items. (If you think your item(s) might be worth more than $2,500 contact us so you can provide up to $25,000 in Free Insurance.)

Once you ship your items to us, you can use FedEx and your Gold My Way Account to track your packages to see exactly where your package is during its journey to us. You can always check the status of your package and see where it is in the process.

Q: How can I tell if my item is made of gold, silver, or platinum?

That’s where the  expert specialists at Gold My Way are ready to help. They use the most current industry standards and specialized technology to make sure that your item is accurately analyzed and appraised based on its composition and value, and that you get paid as much as possible.

So the best way to find out about your items is to either: a) Choose Ship Now and send us your item(s) right away; or b) Request an Appraisal Kit to have the appraisal process started.

If you want to attempt appraising your item(s) on your own, here are some simple tests you can conduct at home:

Magnet test. Using a strong magnet (found at a local hardware store or online), place the magnet near your item(s). Gold will not react to a magnet, so if your magnet becomes attracted to your item, it may not be real gold. In some cases, one part of the item may be real gold but another part may not be. To be 100% sure, we suggest you ship us your item for a full, professional appraisal.

Check the Hallmark. If any jewelry contains real gold, silver, or platinum, usually there will be a hallmark, or stamp on the item. You may see a “maker’s mark” on the item as well, which will show where it was made. Sometimes a hallmark may reside on the clasp of a necklace, bracelet, on the underside of a ring, or the face of a coin.
Common hallmarks include:

Look for Purity Markings. If you look at the unique features of the stamp, you could decipher the exact makeup of your item(s) as well. Typically, the following symbols are used:

  • Rectangle with side missing: Gold
  • Oval = Silver
  • House shape = Platinum

In addition, the shape will typically contain a number thatdepicts the item’s relative purity. The following markings often depict common types of purity designations:

Gold Hallmarks

9 Carat
14 Carat
18 Carat
22 Carat
24 Carat
Fine Gold

Silver Hallmarks


Platium Hallmarks


Palladium Hallmarks

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4. What We Pay

Q: How can I get paid quickly?

Typically, Gold My Way will issue a company check and send it out via USPS within 24 hours of your acceptance. . We do however have other payment options in case you’d like to get paid more quickly. 

To make sure we pay you according to your preferences, please select your preferred method on Your Account:


Here are your 3 options for getting paid:

  • Company check … Our default option A check made out to you by Gold My Way will be sent viaUSPS to the address you provide to us, within 5-7 business days.
  • Direct Deposit/ACH … Free of charge, we can directly deposit funds to the bank account of choice within 1-3 business days. To use this method, you will need to make sure you tell us your checking account and bank routing numbers. The best way to provide those numbers is to send a VOIDED check to uswhen you send along your package of item(s) with your Customer Return Card. Or you can also log in to your Gold My Way account and enter the information that you can find on the bottom of one of your personal checks (as indicated in the image below)
  • PayPal … We can also send your funds through Paypal! This is our fastest option, with most customers receiving payment within 24 hours. Please note there is an additional 3% fee required by PayPal to use this service.
    If you choose Paypal, make sure to to enter your email address correctly on your Customer Return Card (see image).


Q: What can I get paid for gold, silver or platinum?

Gold My Way currently pays up to 90% of the industry-set “current spot price” based on the specific item(s) you send to us. This rate beats all other online services for precious metal payments! We also offer a “price match guarantee,” which means that … if you receive a better written offer from any competitor … we will match it and give you an additional 10% as a bonus.

All of our expert professional appraisers make use of a variety of established factors to determine the value of your item(s). Our staff takes stock of all current spot precious metal prices every morning to make sure that your value is as up-to-date as possible. We take into account the weight, purity, and specific unique characteristics of any item(s) you send to us.

To start your fast, transparent, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed appraisal, CLICK HERE >>

To see what spot prices are today, visit http://www.lbma.org.uk/precious-metal-prices-mobile .

Q: When will I receive an offer for my item(s)?

Within 24 hours of receiving your package into our secure processing facility, you will receive notification of receipt of your items as well as a full appraisal and offer. Unlike other services of this kind, Gold My Way guarantees that you will get an unmatched offer for your item(s), with full transparency of the value of what you are seeking to sell to us.

If you wish, you may also request a video to be taken of the Gold My Way expert appraiser when he/she opens your package. In this video, we will show your package being opened, when and how the appraiser will assess vital aspects in the evaluation of your items. This includes the weighing and testing of your item(s).

If you ever have any questions about the status of your appraisal, you can always call us at (844) 469-9911.

Q: When will you pay me for my item(s)?

At Gold My Way, we want to pay you as fast as we can, according to your payment preferences. You can choose to receive payment the following ways:

  • Company check (typically within 5-7 business days)
  • Direct deposit (typically within 1-3 business days)
  • Paypal (typically within 24 hours)

To find out more about each method, CLICK HERE

Q: How can I change my payment method?

If you want to change how you’d like to get paid for your items, it is easy and quick. Simply log onto your My Account page. Visit the My Payment Info section to change your preferred payment method. 

You can also email us at [email protected] or call (844) 469-9911 to have one of our VIP Specialists assist you.

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