About Us

Gold My Way has brought together precious metals experts, jewelers, and data scientists  to help ensure our clients receive some of the best offers available for their unwanted or broken jewelry. With our "Online Appraisal", there is no need to venture out to a mall, jewelry store, or other public outlet when looking to sell your unwanted precious metals. We provide our clients the freedom, safety, and security to sell their unwanted or broken jewelry from the comfort of their home.

Our clients deserve the best possible value for the items they are looking to sell. To that end, our data scientists have developed models that survey the market to ensure we are making our clients an offer that is near the top of the market.

Precious metals, gemstones, and jewelry are received by our team of experienced appraisers. Our appraisers will inventory your product, weigh, and then test for purity all items our clients are looking to sell. Once the appraisal process is complete, we will issue an offer via email or text message for our clients to consider. If the client chooses to accept our offer, we will issue payment in the preferred method within 1 business day. In an effort to make the process as efficient as possible, you will communicate directly with the appraiser that reviewed your order.

“We are confident that you will find our process and offer to be satisfactory but should you not, we guarantee that we will send your product back to you the next business day.”
The Gold My Way Team